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Welcome to Emily Missed Out; a podcast involving Emily and Breanne watching classic, pop-culture-filled movie gems that up until now, Emily has never seen. Join them while they unearth and consume a film each week as they try to determine if —Emily missed out.

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    Episode 44 - The Usual Suspects

    Join Breanne, Emily, and Keyser Söze—no, wait, just the first two—for the pop culture mining of The Usual Suspects, and all the plot twists, weird accents, and hijinks this film contains.

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    Episode 43 - The Notebook & Just Friends

    Come cry with Emily and Breanne over The Notebook, a staple in any collection of sappy love stories. Revel in the unrealistic relationship goals and fall in love with Ryan Gosling and/or Rachel McAdams! Then lift your spirits with Just Friends.

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    Episode 42 - Rocky

    Since training takes a lot longer in real life than in a sweet movie montage, listen to Emily and Breanne talk Rocky while you're running the stairs. They'll help you pass the time, get "Eye of the Tiger" stuck in your head, and remind you to strike your own personal victory pose! GONNA FLY NOW.

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    Episode 41 - Pulp Fiction

    Zed may be dead, but Breanne and Emily are still truckin' along (and in CLEAN cars) with this week's episode covering the influences of Pulp Fiction. Podcasts muthaf*cka! Do you download them?! Warning: Explicit language contained within.

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    Episode 39 - National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

    Some technical difficulties may have postponed our episode, but we are back on track and ready to chat! Join us for some holiday cheer with our last podcast episode of the year: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

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    Episode 38 - Wayne's World

    This week, Breanne and Emily take a trip to Aurora, bypass Delaware, and dig into — as it turns out — the pop-culturally relevant, Wayne's World! Party on. Warning: Giggling ensues.

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    Episode 37 - The Godfather

    This episode, Breanne and Emily dive into the big one: The Godfather. Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Robert Duvall, horse heads in beds and sleeping with fishes. Apologies for the pronunciation inconsistencies with some of the names!

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    Episode 36 - Spaceballs

    Breanne introduces Emily to the wonders of Spaceballs now that Emily has Star Wars and Alien in her movie arsenal. It's a lot more fun for her this time around. "What's the matter, Colonel Sandurz, CHICKEN?"

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    Episode 35 - Alien... and Zack and Miri Make a Porno?

    Breanne convinces Emily to watch Alien for their Halloween episode, and maybe their most pop-culturally relevant watch yet. Did Emily Miss Out? Did Zack and Miri negate any Alien-infested nightmares?

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